Mobile Visual UX/UI Design


UI design showcase

Below are two video showcases of my mobile design work followed by some motion UI's and screen shots of other UX/UI deliverables.
The videos shows how I typically start the design process by sketching on paper once the user experience and information architecture work has been completed.
Many sketches are done before moving onto the computer to create detailed documentation for the app to be developed. The document would included user journey and task flow diagrams, site maps, wireframes, clickable prototypes, visual design assets and motion design UI detail etc.






Motion UI Design

Below are some screen shots of mobile UI designs done for products in the financial sectors.

Egg mobile UI app

Insurance Calculator mobile app

Pensions planner iPad App

Pensions planner iPad App


Mobile Devices

Smart network aware mobile devices are changing the way we do things and offer unprecedented opportunities.


Mobile Websites and Applications

The future is going to be in mobile devices. Development for mobile platform is unlike traditional PC web design as it presents a number of unique challenges. This is complex as there are hundreds of different phones with different browsers. As a digital media developer I am now more engaged in developing solutions to optimise the mobile user experience for websites and applications for iPhone, Android, and Symbian devices. mobile ready.


Serious Games

Serious Games offer a unique blend of competences within games, learning and storytelling. I have been active creating solutions that have a strong focus on integrating gaming and learning experiences.

The focus is neither on technology nor ideas. A technology can be so flashy, and idea as ever exciting, but in the end it is about the user experience. The aim is to use technology to bring ideas to life that make engaging learning experiences.

Collect and Explore example

Create rich, interactive games, demos, prototypes, simulations, and eLearning courses for the web, desktops, DVDs, CDs, and kiosks.
Deliver rich, interactive experience beyond the web to desktops, DVDs, and CDs

S60 and Series40 UIs Themes

All people want to express themselves. Mobile device users can do that easily with themes, which let them change the on-screen look and feel of their devices. That''s why themes are among the fastest-growing types of mobile device media. Themes offer some of the easiest and potentially most lucrative ways to enter the mobile market.

Here is an example of a theme developed for S60 and Series 40 UIs devices. I able to edit or create rich bespoke user interfaces and layouts that can be used to enhance a brand.