Motion Graphics

I'm a visual and conceptual thinker with invaluable skills in camera, editing and direction. Motion graphics and animation helps me deliver a more compelling experience. Its what keeps my work ahead.

I love concepts, ideas and the stories behind the work! I have over ten years experience using flexible tools that help save time delivering unparalleled results, which is whats needed for online, mobile, digital media, games, entertainment and broadcast platforms. A good challenge only sharpens my creative output. I can design and execute an entire project working remotely or on site.

Below are some examples of my work produced for many top clients.


My Showreel

This is my showreel for first quarter 2010. It is an overview of my motion graphics and animation work that I have delivered to my clients.

I give great attention to detail, timely delivery and cutting edge online and offline distribution methods. I deliver animation, motion graphics, documentary, entertainment, promotional and instructional content to a variety of clients.

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Stings and Idents showreel



Motion graphics is an area in which I excel.

I regularly produce stings and indent for events and conferences, as well as graphics and animation for online video, and for the creative side of the corporate video and video production market. Above is an example of some of my motion graphics. They are creative video with design-led ideas that  get the message across, the product stuck in customers minds, and the information delivered in the most concise, clear and compelling way.

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Animated Backgrounds

Over the years I have worked a lot with event management companies producing dynamic content to help deliver message''s across, getting it stuck into the viewers minds.

Over this time the projector screens have evolved to ultra wide screen format. I produce content to fill this screen and I have also build a library of slow animated backgrounds that can be used to overlay content, such as PowerPoint slides and graphics. The above showreel showcases this service to event management companies.

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University Recruitment

Sporting opportunities, entertainment, safe and comfortable accommodation, a top-rated campus and the buzz of city life.

If you are keen to question, to explore, to be challenged and inspired, you''ll find a warm welcome at the University of Birmingham. This video helped a viral campaign to persuade undergraduates to come and study at the University of Birmingham.

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MTV Music Video

Witness one of the UK ''s most prolific Gospel Reggae/Dancehall artists, has a string of awards and achievements to garnish his career. He has performed for audiences in the UK and abroad. I was tasked to film, edit and produce this music video "Choices" A success for the artist as it was aired on MTV. I still see it on occasions on some the other music TV channels.

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Corporate video production and filming.

I aim to deliver creative and punchy corporate videos that strike the perfect balance between engaging your audience, and driving your corporate message home.