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As a UX designer my skills set also includes video production, motion graphics and 3d modelling/animation. I have always been keen to integrate this media into the graphic user interface of my designs.  When implemented correctly this has the potential to further enhance the user experience whether that is to entertain, inform or sell products.

The advantage this gives me as a UX designer is that I can push the boundaries by factoring motion into the UID. I am able to create high fidelity prototypes that include very rich experiences.  I do this by being able to transparently merge video/motion graphics content, within the webpage or application to further enhance the GUI. This is demonstrated with projects such as the micro site for Argos and the training applications for Learn Direct. This can also be seen throughout the banners within this site.

To see some more traditional samples of my corporate video and motion graphics production click the options on the right.

digital video

SD and HD Digital video editing; digital effects; picture enhancements; motion graphics; 2D graphics; 3D graphics; special effects; video post-production; DVD authoring; DVD encoding; DVD duplication; DVD replication; film titling; video titling; blue screen; and planning.